Describe it to me, he says. As if it’s so easy as if it’s not a million daggers slashing at my chest. As if his words could make it any easier, even though I know he’ll try his best. It’s like this I begin, even though I know it’s the end. Imagine the glass is half empty, yet there’s not enough air to take a breath. As if no matter how much you run, the race is never won. As if no matter how much you laugh, you’re never really having any fun. No matter how slow the touch, your breath never speeds up. There’s something missing, and baby you’re just not enough. It’s like looking at a rainbow and not seeing the colours, it’s like fire that freezes and ice that burns your fingertips to the touch. It’s the earth in the absence of rain, the moon in the absence of the stars, me in the absence of her. It’s bracelets that break, like the promises that once held them together. It’s running towards each other in your dreams as you push each other away under the covers. It’s seeing the heartbreak in their eyes as your words laced with gunpowder, are thrown in their face. It’s moving on to another, desperate to replace. For when a plaster gets pulled off, it just never sticks back on, in the same way.

© Aniii.mz//


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